i got iOS 7.

i am a tech fiend. when Apple delivered their keynote spiel about iOS 7, i was itching to get it. however, the release is not scheduled until fall 2013.

however, i pulled a few strings and managed to get a beta version, released to certain developers.

there are many updates; but i’m not going to outline them all. for more information on the program and the software, take a look here


•i have it before every one else. 

•the camera layout is great (easily swish between video, square, regular and panorama)

•cool sleek, new graphics

•the multitasking update is amazing


•it’s a little buggy / glitchy, though not terribly. nothing has crashed yet, and i have been using it heavily.

•the icons… first impressions matter, so hopefully the rumors are right and apple is reconstructing the icons. i’m a bit perplexed with their appearance at the moment. not enough to go back to iOS 6, but still…

•the interface feels more… sensitive than iOS 6. not necessarily negative, but it takes some time to get adjusted. for example, the lock screen. long gone is the swipe bar; in it’s place is a barren ‘slide to unlock.’

i don’t have any major reservations about iOS 7 yet, though i’ve had it for about 10 hours now. overall, it seems lighter and brighter than what apple typically produces… i like it - fast and upbeat. i’ll keep you updated.

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